A Few Words About Jenny Sherwood

Jenny Sherwood is the Principal of Prestige Therapies and holds two International Therapy Examination Council (ITEC) Diplomas in Dermal Therapy, which includes advanced knowledge in Cosmetic Chemistry, Intense Pulse Light Treatments and Skincare. 

Jenny brings to Prestige Therapies a holistic understanding of the body - combining 21 years in the health and fitness industry as a Sports Injury Therapy specialist and qualified Ashtanga Yoga Teacher and Teacher Trainer, with her Dermal Therapy and Advanced Skin Care studies of the past 4 years.


After a horrific experience with IPL hair removal several years ago, Jenny decided to investigate the treatments for herself.   She soon recognised the benefits of the IPL machine and made the decision to learn more about the treatment, undertaking studies in Dermal Science so that she could treat others, in a safe way.  During her training, Jenny received two internationally recognised ITEC Diplomas in Dermal Therapy, which includes advanced knowledge in Cosmetic Chemistry, Intense Pulse Light Treatments and Advanced Skincare.

Prestige Therapies offer many IPL treatments, including hair removal for all skin types, specialising in darker skins.  Jenny can also assist clients who have sun damaged skin with her IPL facial rejuvenation which is suitable for pigmentation, fine lines, redness and acne.


This is an amazing treatment which means you don’t need to diet - just to eat healthier - as Cryolipolysis enables you to sculpt your whole body.  The average success rate for this treatment is half an inch of fat loss each session when using ‘4 Cups/areas’.

Micro Digital Skin Needling

This technology means that after a very simple treatment to activate the collagen under your skin, you can achieve great results for sun damaged skin, fine lines, acne scaring and pore shrinking - with little down time. 

If undertaken for a year, you could renew the collagen in your whole face. 

What’s truly amazing with this treatment is that the results are instant and noticeable in one week. It’s also pain free and can be used on all parts of the body for skin tightening especially arms and thighs and tummy.

Fat Cavitation

Another great treatment, especially for the tummy to reduce bloating and produce a feel-good factor, Fat Cavitation is especially good as a back up to Cryolipolysis. The intense sound and high temperatures destroy the fat cells which are expelled instantly by the liver, with results being evident within a few days. This treatment can cover areas that Cryolipolysis cannot get to, which means the combination of two treatments will give you a better over-all result. 

Tri-polar Neck Lift

This machine is combined with mono-polar face lifting for the best results.  It is recommended that you have a minimum of 6 sessions to see a difference and then maintain it every 4- 6 weeks.  The Neck Lifting machine will tighten the jowels and lightly lift the face to give a natural younger look to the skin..

 Prestige Therapies use machines that are world-class in safety and comfort, operated by trained professionals, so that clients can be assured their skin and body will be in safe hands. 

 "I want my clients to know that they can come to me for an easy, stress free and painless experience and that I will look after them throughout their treatments and keep them looking and feeling young" 

- Jenny Sherwood