"After 1 session with Kaz using the cryo freeze I've lost 8.5cm off my tummy. I've just finished my second session. I can't thank Kaz enough it is such a brilliant treatment. Looking forward to seeing the results from this!!!!!"

- Kirsty Watson

"Jenny, you have inspired me so much and I am so please I have been able to spend the last 5 months learning from you. The lessons I have learned have helped in all aspects of my life and have gone beyond all expectations. My journey is only beginning and I have so much to learn and experience through your yoga teachings. I am so inspired after every class and I always walk out feeling incredible (even after walking in feeling the total opposite).

I started yoga three years ago as a rehab for my knee, then last year when I snapped my other ACL, I turned to yoga again but this time it has been much more than a rehab for my knees, more like a rehab for my life. I was playing netball and rowing both at a very high level before my first injury and my body never fully recovered. When I found yoga last year with you, I found it was much more than just physical for me and started to read and learn more about the practice and its influence on lives. It has been an incredible journey for me and I cannot thank you enough for helping me down this path, my yoga journey has really just begun!" 

- Nikola Boswell

"Today was my first session of Cryo. As i'd never been before, I was slightly nervous as to what to expect. Jen took such good care of me and explained me through the entire process which was great. Now I'm just excited to the next session and seeing some results!. Can't wait to pass on the word! Thanks heaps Jen"

- Penny Phillips

"Had my first session of cryo recently - I felt very welcomed and relaxed, everything was explained to me clearly and i felt at ease even though i was a little nervous... I cant wait to see results and for my next appointment. Loved this little place! Highly recommend!"

- Skye Jazmin

​Some Thoughts From Our Clients

"Thank you Jen I have enjoyed coming in for the cryo but especially for the measurement today and losing nearly 5 inches around my waist"

- Jackie Lister

"After only one session of the cryo I have lost an inch on both outer thighs! Thanks jenny and I look forward to the results after a couple more sessions :) "

- Denise Quathamer 

"Beautiful fresh and new business! Lovely people and amazing results would and have recommended! Keep up the great work girls!!"

- Tashh Rdc

"I had skin needling here and have had fantastic results."

- Bimmy Rhodes

"Prestige Therapies offer an amazing professional service with effective and instant results. Having a number of friends warn me about the pain they have endured in other companies in IPL sessions, my experience with White Light Therapies has completely blown my expectations, and is absolutely pain free. The machine contains an ice head which is highly beneficial to the treatment and result. Just after the first and second session, I was extremely pleased to see optimal outcomes! I would highly recommend White Light Therapies to anyone who would like permanent, pain-free, affordable and effective results!!!"

- Jing Cheah

"Thanking Jen for great services including IPL and in particular skin needling, you rock!"

- Melissa Hill

"Jen and Kaz have the latest top notch equipment at a very affordable price the results speak for themselves. I highly recommend them to anyone looking to transform their bodies!"

- Emma Marsh